Monday, 19 August 2013

Working Beautifully Artshow

A fortuitous meeting led to an exciting opportunity...

At Jemma Lewis Marbling we love it when we can get involved in local projects to showcase the art of marbling.
Last year we were contacted by Timothy Cumming and Nigel Hudson about a show called 'Working Beautifully' - an exhibition celebrating Swindon and its local towns role in our nations enterprise.

My partner had just bought a car from Tim's next door neighbour and as he had expressed an interested in my business and marbling I gave him a little tour of the workshop!
He mentioned that his neighbour was an artist was profiling 100 local firms for a special project, and suggested he hand him my business card!
I was delighted when Tim called the next day and said he would love to come and meet me and make our company one of the 100!

I really loved the fact that they wanted everything to be as natural as possible, they love clutter, chaos and mess and believed that everything that was real about the work told a richer story.

They loved the area behind my marbling tray which is a something of an ode to Jackson Pollock, layer upon layer of splattered coloured paint!

We think Tim and Nigel portrayed our workshop brilliantly and we love their style.
Why not have a look for yourselves via the link to their site:
You can even purchase one of the limited edition prints.

Tim and Nigel had this to say about visiting us and involving us in their work:
"We chose Jemma Lewis Marbling because of their tenacious performance over the recession - they've adapted beautifully", says Cumming.
"We've tried to convey the beauty of Jemma Lewis Marbling
, the people and the studio - the studio light, the dexterity of the work and the work's curves and textures. But we also observed the unique human approach they have there and a sense of their natural pride" says co-artist Hudson.

Working Beautifully features over seven hundred original digital paintings and photographic composites created by Hudson and Cumming over the last twelve months. The images take a glimpse behind the scenes of the some of the South West's largest and smallest firms. Subjects range from the small - The Sewing Shop, Hatch Engineering and the Magic Kebab House, through to the large - technicians, administrators, managers and support staff of BMW, Nokia Siemens, Intel and Nationwide for example.

All one hundred firms are featured on a 25 metre 'tapestry' created especially for this landmark show. One painting by Cumming and one photographic composite by Hudson will represent each firm.

I hope you like the images they created of Jemma Lewis Marbling, we would love to hear your thoughts. Please do take a look at some of the other pieces of art they created of the wonderful places and people here in the South West.

J ;-)

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