Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A few pictures of me and my workshop...

My little log cabin workshop is quite a hive of activity, most of the time there is an abundance of colourful hand marbled papers covering the work benches, waiting to be packed, sorted, or placed into our special shelving where we keep all of our stock papers.

My workshop was purpose built for marbling and has pride of place in my garden.
I love my commute to work!

My lovely little workshop
Most of the time I am usually head-to-toe in paint, from the brush-fulls of colour that seem to flick their drops into my face rather than my marbling tray!
Here are a couple of pictures of me and unlike 99% of the time I am fairly paint-free!

Mixing paint prior to marbling (above) and sorting papers ready to be packed (below)
My working area (above) and busy marbling (below)
Once marbled and 'washed' my papers are hung up to dry flat and a good days work is when all the 'racks' are full!

Coming in my next post I'll be showing you some examples of the matching jobs that I have done for clients, where they require me to match a historic marbled paper for a rebinding project.
Back to the tray for now!

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